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Hackathon Sponsors


Camp HackBeanpot Spirit Award

After a weekend of completing challenges with your Cabins and making projects, we are so excited to see what you’ve learned at Camp HackBeanpot. We challenge you to build something that embodies our values of exploration and teamwork. This could involve a project to express your gratitude to nature or a survival tool for you and your fellow hackers.

Most Inclusive Hack

Last year was full of social change, and it doesn’t need to stop there! We challenge you to continue the trend into 2021 by creating a hack that uses tech to promote social good, accessibility, or impact on the world around you. Check out our livesite for some links to get started!

Hack for Joy

Everyone has their own unique hobbies and interests, such as gaming, rock climbing, knitting, or fishing. Whether it’s a hobby you picked up during quarantine or a life-long passion, at HackBeanpot, we challenge you to build whatever your heart desires! Encouraging passion and creativity, we present to you, Hack for Joy!

Best Demo Video sponsored by: ZipperHQ

ZipperHQ is a video messaging software that helps your video message stand out in crowded inboxes and newsfeeds. As an in-kind sponsor, ZipperHQ is offering a free version of the video marketing software through the ZipperHQ App and Chrome Extension. The challenge is to make a creative and engaging demo video using the App or the Chrome extension, which offers screen-recording, pre-recorded video upload, video sharing capabilities with auto-creation of a webpage, and exports to a shareable link. When you submit your project, you must include a ZipperHQ demo link to be eligible. The winning team will receive a $200 gift card to a place of the team's choosing. All participants get the free version of ZipperHQ which they can continue to use after the event.

Rookies of the Year

Best UI/UX

Most Technically Challenging

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Daniel Wang

Daniel Wang
Not Actually a Judge

Yugo Nakai

Yugo Nakai
Panorama Education

Melissa Leffler

Suzanne Becker
Toast, Inc. (sorta)

Johanna Loepke

Josh Spicer

Rakesh Shah

Rakesh Shah

Avery Peterson

Avery Peterson
Cogo Labs

Andrew Tu
Optimus Ride

Duk Hwan Kim

Depankar Neogi

Brittany Chiang

Judging Criteria

  • Process
    Did the team learn or try something new? How did they handle problems they encountered or pivot their ideas throughout the weekend?
  • Positive Spirit
    Does the project have societal impact or solve a problem? Does it make you smile :)?
  • User Experience
    Is the design polished and intuitive? Is it visually appealing and easy to use? Is the project accessibly designed for all people who may use it?
  • Innovation
    Is the project creative? How different is the project from things that we’ve seen before?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Do they use challenging technologies? How challenging are the technical problems they solve in their project (and do they do so cleanly/efficiently)?
  • Functionality
    How functional are all the features? How much of it is hard-coded or “hacky”?

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